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There has been a considerable amount of hype surrounding the Deal or No Deal bingo craze that is sweeping the online bingo community. For the uninitiated this must beg the question "what is deal or no deal bingo game anyway"? The answer is that deal no deal bingo is a bingo game based on the mega popular TV series Deal or No Deal which has whipped audiences around the world into a frenzy of excitement every time it has aired. 

Basically deal or no deal bingo is a game of guessing and guts. A simplified description of the workings of the game is as follows. The game starts with the preliminary round and 150 contestants which are randomly placed into 6 blocks of 25. A winning block is drawn and from these 25 players one is chosen to become the finalist. One of the remaining players not in the winning block is then chosen to replace the finalist in the winning block.  

The finalist and the winning block then progress to the final round where the 25 contestants in the winning block are placed on the podium and become the podium players. The finalist then has to choose one of 26 identical briefcases - the remaining 25 being distributed among the 25 podium players. Twenty five of the cases contain a placard with a cash value marked on it and one contains a placard marked with "Car" which represents the car which the finalist can win.  

Each podium player then, in an order dictated by the finalist and using a pre-posted listing of the 25 values and car, has the opportunity to guess their cases contents and then to open the case. If they get it right they win $500 if they don't, open the case before they make their guess or open their case out of turn they win nothing. When all this is done the fun starts when the Bank starts making bids on first the finalists case then all remaining 25 at which point the finalist gets to make the scary call of "Deal or No Deal" 

This nerve wracking process is the basis for the deal or no deal bingo game on offer at Mecca Bingo. Based on Mecca's traditional 90 ball bingo game carries a network jackpot of over �10,000 and features 4 prizes. These are awarded for a 1 line win, 2 lines, full house and the deal  no deal bingo game which will be played by the full house winner.  

Each bingo ball has a corresponding Deal or No Deal bingo box which is removed from the prize board when called. Once a full house winner is nominated the banker will make an offer on the remaining "Players Box". Roomies may then vote with the winner being privy to the results whereupon they will have to make that big "Deal or No Deal Bingo" call. 

This TV series has been an absolute blockbuster and will certainly be equally popular among Mecca Bingo fans. So get registered now and access the deal or no deal bingo game and see what the big deal is all about.


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