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Online bingo is extremely popular right now. There are a variety of different new bingo games and styles for players to choose from. Every site has at least two or three different games to play, including 75 ball bingo, 80 ball bingo, 90 ball bingo, etc. The winning pattern varies from game to game also, so that players won’t ever have to worry about becoming bored.

Since the industry is filled with so much competition, it’s not surprising that each online bingo portal offers such a variety of new bingo games to keep visitors entertained. In addition to the regular games, players can also have a bit of fun with side games or chat games. These are played in chat rooms while the main bingo games are running. Those who want to participate can win bonus points or even small cash prizes!


As far as bingo goes, 75 ball games are the most popular. This is one of the traditional versions of the game, and is played on a card with 5 horizontal rows and 5 vertical columns. In order to win, an individual must be the first player to match 5 numbers in the winning pattern. The winning pattern is usually a straight line, although some sites feature games with more exciting patterns.

Since trying to form an ordinary vertical, horizontal, or diagonal pattern can be boring after awhile, bingo sites are now giving players a chance to make a picture frame, alphabetical, numerical, or holiday-themed winning pattern. Around Christmas, for instance, many websites will give out prizes to lucky players who form a Christmas tree or star pattern!

Coverall bingo games are relatively new. The coverall, or blackout pattern, is the entire card! The first player to completely mark every spot on a card is the winner. Since this type of bingo game can last awhile, the prizes are often very big. It’s pretty common for coverall games to be linked to progressive jackpots.

While 75 ball bingo is traditional, many Australian and European players are now enjoying 90 ball bingo (with new bingo sites like tea time bingo or bingohollywood). There are some differences of course, including the fact that 90 ball games last longer. To make up for being longer, some chat hosts make the 90 ball games go quickly. The prizes are often bigger than those of 75 ball bingo. Some websites even give players three chances to win in each game.

Elimination bingo is a new version of the game that’s now available at Game Village. It’s basically traditional bingo in reverse: the winner is whomever matches the LEAST amount of numbers at the end! Lucky winners will receive a nice jackpot. To ensure fairness, there is a limited number of cards allowed per person.

Last but not least is 30 ball new bingo game usually found in new bingo sites. This is pretty new to the web, also. These games are played on a 3x3 card, and thus go by rather quickly. Game cards usually cost about the same as those of traditional variations of bingo, and since 30 balls games are rather quick, players tend to play as many as they can in just one setting!

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