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what differs new bingo sites from the old ones?

Everything changes with time and online bingo sites are definitely not an exception to this rule. With time, the demands of bingo players from around the world have changed and with the change in their demands, online bingo sites have had to alter their offerings to suit the needs of players, especially for the rise up of newbingo.

The major difference that has hit online bingo business in the recent years is competition with new bingo. Several new bingo sites have cropped up and just to over take each others’ traffic figures, these new bingo have introduced numerous marketing techniques. Some of the techniques of the new bingo sites really matter and are beneficial to the customers; however, many of the newbingo marketing techniques are just cardboard cakes, to attract bingo lovers.



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Let’s have a look at some of the features that have changed over the years which can definitely be seen at the best new bingo sites:


1-    No deposit bingo: Although, this was not a very popular concept to start with among online bingo sites, but as the traffic increased, the implementation of new no deposit bingo sites not only became practical, but also profitable and thus desirable. Most of the online bingo sites of today have this feature in their offering in one for or the other. This no deposit bingo bonus is simple in its form, as it is given as free money to players which can be used to play real bingo and slot games. Also, this so to say new bonuses for bingo, are tied down by practical conditions like non-withdrawal of this bingo bonus, nil use for any activities other than playing games on the site etc.

2-    Deposit Bonuses: The bingo deposit bonus, though did exist earlier too, but now have become bigger and more aggressive. The reason for this is that every player wants to have the best value for his money and if a bingo site gives the best value for money proposition, customers automatically follow it. This means that the best new bingo sites will offer you the best bingo deposit bonuses.

3-    Cash Back: This feature has been introduced in quite few new bingo sites to offer an even better value for money.

4-    Game downloads: The bingo sites of the past had all the games only in downloadable versions. It was not only the inconvenience of downloading the game files before playing, but also the security risks involved in the download process, which made players avoid online bingo. With the introduction of new flash bingo sites, the bingo game has changed completely. Now players don’t need to download many of the games before playing them. They can play them instantly from the bingo site itself.  

5-    Bingo with slots: As I said before, changes comes with time and thus with the introduction of changes in online slots, you should also change you perception towards the game. Now a day’s online bingo with slots are more reliable, secure and rewarding than they have ever been.



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